Best Summer Sunscreen Protection Tips For Your Skin

Here are best summer sunscreen protection tips for your skin. Make sure you buy the sunscreen that suits your skin just right.

Sunscreen lotions containing SPF 20 to 35 are best suited for Indian skin types

There are several brands offering sunscreens in different forms, but you need to know your skin type before putting one into your shopping cart.

Best summer sunscreen expert tips:
  • Make sure that sun protection cream for face is of really good quality.
  • Instead of buying too many sun block creams, you need to choose light weighted mist spray for your face. This liquid gel feels incredibly lightweight, absorbs quickly, and plays well with makeup. You can use thick layered sunscreen for your body.
  • Sunscreen lotions and sun-guards containing SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 20 to 35 are suitable for Indian skin types.
  • Sunscreen lotions having SPF 30 is the best for people having a fair or wheatish complexion. Lotions that contain SPF 20 are best for a dark complexion.
  • If you live near the coastal region or planning summer vacation to the beach, you should consider a sunscreen lotion containing SPF 30 to 50.
  • Beyond 50 SPF, all sunscreen lotions have same effects.
  • Waterproof or water-resistant sunscreen lotions that are also available. It means that the lotion will not go away even if you wash your face with water.
  • Waterproof sunscreen lotions will last up to 80 minutes in water and water-resistant sunscreen lotions can last up to 40 minutes in water. These sunscreen lotions are best for swimmers or pool lovers.
  • Some skin types might be allergic to particular sunscreen. Don’t hesitate to try different sunscreens having different ingredients which suits you.
  • Oily Skin- Make sure to use gel based sunscreen or sun foundations if you have oily skin– soufflé based, mousse based, powder based and water based.
  • Very Dry Skin- Use oily sun screen if you have very dry skin. This has some greasy or oily effect in it. It will eventually hydrate your skin apart from protecting you from the sun.
  • Sensitive skin- Avoid aphelia ingredients in skin. It is better to test the product on your skin at the back of your ear lobe. If there is no reaction you can use same sun screen.