What to Eat During Pregnancy For Intelligent Baby: See Experts Advice

What to Eat During Pregnancy For Intelligent Baby

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  • First prepare yourself

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The best practical advice on what to eat during pregnancy for intelligent baby is to know what not to eat!  The mother and probably the father should avoid alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and high caffeine stimulants even before conception (1).

  • Eat more fruit for a smarter baby

Pregnant women who eat more fruit during pregnancy have more intelligent children, a joint university report has found (2).  Eat variety of fruits ranging from bananas to berries.

The report said , ‘Mothers who ate more fruit during pregnancy had children who did better on developmental testing at 1 year of age. 

  • Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are absolutely essential for baby’s brain development. Fish, soybeans and spinach have good content of omega 3. Mothers who ate less than two servings of fish per week give birth to babies with low IQs as compared to the children born to mothers who ate at least two serving of fish per week, according to a study.

  • Eat More Eggs?

Eggs promote brain development and increase memory in babies as its rich in amino acid choline. Pregnant women should eat two eggs to cover half the recommended daily amount of choline. Eggs also contain protein and iron which increases the birth weight. Low birth weights are attributed to lower intelligence quotient (IQ).

  • Keep a check on thyroid levels

If your thyroid level is unstable during pregnancy, it can affect the baby. Thyroid deficiency in the mother can affect the intelligence quotient of the baby. Eat a balanced and healthy diet, which contains good amount of sodium. Include iodised salt and yogurt in your diet if you don’t get enough of iodine through your diet.

  • Eat healthy meals

Eat leafy vegetables. Iron found in spinach helps the flow of oxygen to the baby’s brain cells.

Do include nuts such as almonds and walnuts in your diet during pregnancy. Walnuts are as essential for brain development of babies as in adults. Almonds are a good source of niacin, protein and energy. It helps in the overall brain development of the baby.

You can help your baby to develop her/his own taste as taste buds develop from around 12 weeks. If pregnant woman drinks carrot juice, baby will also have similar preference once born.

  • Consider supplements 

Pregnancy requires additional effort and extra nourishment. Though a complete meal provides you enough nutrition, taking supplements will help in the well-being of the baby and a smooth delivery. There are many prenatal supplements available in the market such as vitamins, supplements having folic acid. It plays a crucial role in the development of the brain cells of the baby. It is recommended to consult your doctor before taking any food supplements.

  • Soak up some sun

Importance of vitamin D has been increasing. Just get some sunshine for 20 minutes a day. Most of the vitamin D comes from the sun which helps you to grow healthy and strong bones. Other source of vitamin D includes foods like oily fish and eggs. Vitamin D is essential for your baby’s strong bones and heart, and researchers have also started investigating a link between a lack of vitamin D in pregnant women and autism.

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