Newsreader gets caught daydreaming on-air and her reaction was brilliant: Video

ABC News 24 presenter Natasha Exelby recently got the attention of the public outside of her native Australia. The newsreader gets caught daydreaming on-air. She had to learn the hard way after a clip of her went viral over the weekend.

Newsreader gets caught daydreaming

ABC News 24 presenter Natasha Exelby, Image-Twitter

Watch her hilarious reaction to being caught when she is seen fiddling with her pen while the cameras are still rolling.

Natasha took couple of seconds to realise that she was back on camera.

The pen did eventually drop – and Natasha’s reaction was hilarious.

It was a shock to her. Then she lets out a loud gasp, eyes wide open and throws down the pen.
ABC Newsreader gets caught daydreaming

ABC Newsreader caught daydreaming, Image- Twitter

But, being the consummate professional, she does manage to throw to the sports section.

The 12-second video viewed more than 84,000 times.

The 41-year-old journalist having 15 years of experience also took to Twitter to make light of the situation.